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When going hiking in the mountains, it is very important to choose the right shoes – comfortable, with a strong, non-slip sole, preferably fixing the ankle, which will protect your legs from dislocations and sprains. It depends on whether you will admire the mountain scenery or think about rubbed, damaged legs all the time. If the Crimea often lacks normal sneakers paired with tracking sandals, then for the Carpathians (Caucasus), due to frequent rains, wet snow and high humidity, the shoes should also have water-repellent properties. If you decide to go in for tourism thoroughly and don’t want to waste time in vain, it’s better, of course, like many tourists do, to buy hiking boots with a Vibram sole (durable, good grip) and a membrane lining (removes vapor from the inside of the boot, in the tourist equipment store) does not allow moisture from the outside – the legs remain dry). Plus, they buy special tourist socks – thermal socks that divert sweat from the legs further into the membrane. You will receive comfortable, shock-absorbing shoes that protect your feet from dislocations, specially created for outdoor activities. True, it must be borne in mind that if during the campaign the boots with the membrane still get wet over time (these are not rubber boots) or the water gets inside through the top of the boot, then the boots will not dry out during the campaign. It is impossible to dry membrane shoes (and indeed any shoes) around a fire – spoil an expensive thing. The membrane in low-cost models may not breathe very well.

But if financial opportunities do not allow you to allocate 150 or more dollars to buy tracking boots, or you do not really need them, because You don’t plan to go hiking often, the article below on how to choose inexpensive and hiking shoes can be useful to you.

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