Hiking in the mountains of Krasnodar

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Climb to the legendary peak of Adygea with a team of professionals!

1 day of adventure, 2804 meters above sea level, memories for life!

WHAT DOES YOU WAIT FOR? 1. New acquaintances 2. An unforgettable experience 3. Climbing to the top of Oshten 2804m4. Clean mountain air 5. Swimming under the waterfall 6. Panoramic view of the mountains of the Western Caucasus 7. Walk on the Lago-Naki Plateau 8. The opportunity to see the sea from the top of the mountain


WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE TOUR? – transfer from Krasnodar and back, we call everyone home or to the airport – work of experienced guides – 3 meals a day – admission to the reserve


TIMING5: 00 departure from Krasnodar (for each we call home) 09:00 arrival at Yavorova Polyana, breakfast09: 30 start of ascent16: 00 Peak !!! 20:00 swimming in the waterfall20: 30 dinner21: 00 departure to Krasnodar01: 00 arrival in Krasnodar (we’ll take everyone home)

WHAT TO DO WITH YOURSELF? 1. Sneakers or Trekking boots 2. Comfortable sportswear 3. Jacket and Membrane Jacket (Raincoat / Windbreaker)

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