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§ 92. The first word of the text is written with a capital letter, as well as the first word after the period, ellipsis, question mark and exclamation point ending the sentence.

Note 1. Usually capitalized the first word of each line in poems, regardless of the presence or absence of a punctuation mark at the end of the previous line.

Note 2. After the ellipsis, which does not end the sentence, but indicates a break in speech, the first word is written with a lowercase letter, for example: And this week … that … my son died (Chekhov).

Note 3. If a question mark, exclamation mark, or ellipsis is placed after a direct speech, and the author’s next words indicate who the direct speech belongs to, then after the aforementioned characters the first word is written with a lowercase letter, for example:

– Yes, he fights nicely! – said Bulba, stopping (Gogol). “Do you need to live?” – Sighing, asks Migun (M. Gorky). “The wind would blow now …” says Sergey (M. Gorky).

§ 93. The first word is written with a capital letter, following the exclamation mark, placed after the address or interjection at the beginning of the sentence, for example: About Volga! After many years, I again brought you greetings (Nekrasov). Oh! Hurry, this night would have passed (Chekhov).

Note. The word following the exclamation point, placed after the interjection in the middle of the sentence, is written with a lowercase letter, for example: I still can’t forget the two old men of the past century, whom, alas! now no longer (Gogol).

§ 94. The first word after the colon is written with a capital letter:

1. If this is the beginning of a direct speech, for example: Having forced me out into the kitchen, Boleslav whispered: “This is a man from Paris, with an important assignment, he needs to see Korolenko, so you go, arrange it …” (M. Gorky).

2. If this is the beginning of a quotation, which is an independent sentence, and the first word of the quotation begins with a sentence in the cited text, for example:

Note. The quote included in the sentence as a continuation of it is written with a lowercase letter for example: Once upon a time it was perfectly said that “the story is an episode from an infinite poem of human destinies.” This is very true: yes, the story is a novel that has broken up into parts, into thousands of parts, a chapter torn from a novel (Belinsky).

§ 95. Capital letters are given in capital letters, first names, last names, pseudonyms, nicknames, for example: Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, Pavel Ivanovich Melnikov (Andrey Pechersky), Macbeth, Ivan the Terrible, Scipio Sr., Ivan Ring, Nightingale the Robber, Richard the Lion Heart, Vladimir The Red Sun, Peter the Great (Peter I).

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