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Oguzes of historical materials. The name “Oguz” can be attributed to the early times. In Chinese sources regarding the 2nd century. BC. the O-Kut tribe is mentioned (the name “Turk” did not yet exist). This is the Chinese version of the name of the tribe, which is called Ogur in Turkic and is formed due to the pronunciation of the letters -z as -p by some Turkic tribes. The districts of Tarbagatai and Kobdo, indicated in Chinese sources as places of settlement of o-kuts, are known to be Turkic territory.

The name “oguz” comes from the word “ok” (arrow). “Ok” in the Turkic language also means “tribe”. Even in those days, this word was translated into Chinese as “tribe” (for example: he-oki = ten tribes). According to this, the word “oguz” is formed by joining the letter “z” to “ok”, which is the plural ending in the old Turkic language and, without being the name “ethnic,” directly means “Turkic tribes”.

The name “oguz” is first used in the first inscription found on the banks of the Barlyk river (Ulu-kem = flows into the Yenisei) It says “Six Oguz tribes.” Here we are talking about six tribes united in one tribe. Judging by the fact that these inscriptions are dedicated to bei, it is worth thinking that the Oghuzs in ancient times existed in this valley, forming a union.

The Orkhon “Inscriptions” do not distinguish between the Oghuz and the Kyok-Türks; moreover, the Oghuz formed the basis of the Khanate. Oguzes and geek-Turks are one and the same. The word “Turk” was a political name. Kyok-Türks belong to the same ethnic group from the Turkic family as the Oguzes, that is, Oguzes and Kyok-Türks are representatives of the same genus. The origin of the Turks of the 6-7th centuries (geok-Turk) from this group of Oguzes is indicated in Chinese sources.

In the documents of the Tang reign (Tang-su and Kiu Tang-shu yearbooks and four different translations). Nine tribes (in the inscriptions “nine Oguzes”, sometimes “nine tribes of the Türks (gyok-turks)” are referred to as “Türks of the nine tribes (gyok-Türks)”, and sometimes even “nine tribes of Toles.” So …

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