Mountain Camping Rules

Hiking in the mountains is one of

Continuing the theme that was started once about preparing beginners for hiking in the mountains, I would like to talk about this today … Experienced tourists have their own unwritten laws and rules that are always followed during hikes, and that’s what they call “real tourism”. In my groups, I always try to instill these concepts with newcomers from the very first day and strictly monitor their implementation. Usually, at first, people sometimes even have to make it happen, but gradually, everyone gets used to this behavior and already takes it for granted.

And now, since far from all instructors and group leaders deal with this issue, I decided to tell myself here about how to behave in the mountains so as not to hear the dismissive “Against the kettles somewhere” from passing tourists! :) So… . In the mountains, when meeting people (locals and tourists) you should always say hello, as there it is not just a banal greeting, but a wish for health, which is very important in the mountains. 2. If on the slope two groups go along the path towards each other, then the rule applies: “The upper one passes the lower one.” That is. the group going down must leave the path and let those who go up. Ask — why? Answer — yes, because those who go up are always harder. 3. Another of the basic rules – “The parking lot after us should be cleaner than before us.” I don’t think that something needs to be specifically explained here. Just a group, leaving the parking lot, takes away not only their garbage, but also the one that was before them. 4. Leaving the parking lot, the remaining firewood is placed vertically under the cedars, and in their absence, under other thick trees (or covered with unnecessary polyethylene). Other people will come here after you, and it is not a fact that they will have the weather, time and energy to search for dry firewood for the first bonfire. 5. At the halt (if you arrived at the head of the group), take off your backpack and go down to the river to drink water, take a mug or flask, pick them up and bring them to the parking lot. Imagine the feeling of those who crawled there in the heat after you, and barely having removed the backpack from the back, you can immediately drink cold tasty water. In addition, the halt usually lasts 10-20 minutes, and during it it is very unreasonable to constantly run to the river for everyone. In this case, it will also be very good if it is immediately brought from the river …

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