Necessary Mountain Trekking

After all, when hiking in the mountains

Approaching the mountains is a serious and responsible step. Leaving your “pink glasses” on the shelf, you should carefully approach the issue of planning an upcoming event. It is natural that you cannot predict all the difficulties … The beauty of nature is fascinating, which is why most tourists love spending time in the forest or mountains, admiring the wonders of our planet. Experienced tourists know that various troubles can happen during a trip … When going on a trip to the mountains or to the forest, it is necessary to organize high-quality and nutritious nutrition so that the body can release enough energy to overcome difficult routes. Of course, shops, cafes and restaurants … A place to spend the night is chosen on the territory with minimal natural hazards: away from anthills, lairs, the possibility of rockfall, rising water levels and so on. Then the total area of ​​the area is estimated … When planning a trip to a forest area, you must remember that even the most experienced traveler can get lost or lost, to say nothing of those who go to the forest for the first time. Therefore, it is very important to know the basics of orientation …

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