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One of the most popular Crimean resorts in the Big Yalta cluster is Koreiz. Holidays in this small village 12 km from Yalta are annually preferred by tens of thousands of tourists. The resort has a developed wellness infrastructure, excellent offers for holidaymakers, as well as plenty of entertainment.

Where to stay in Koreiz?

Hotels, pensions, hotels and the private sector of the village offer cozy rooms and comfortable rooms with furniture, household appliances and amenities. You can book your favorite accommodation long before you arrive at the resort, and a vacation in Koreiz without intermediaries will save money and spend them on interesting excursions and entertainment.

Modern health resorts of the resort have rich experience in the treatment of cardiovascular, gastroenterological, gynecological and neurological diseases. They are equipped with high-quality equipment, swimming pools, massage rooms – all for wellness and relaxation. In Koreiz, an unusual healing air is combined with the aroma of needles and a mild climate, which is very useful for people with pulmonary diseases.

Beaches and Fun

The resort has long small pebble beaches, and the water in the sea is so clear that in calm weather you can see the bottom at a depth of 5 meters. Families with young children come to relax in Koreiz, for whom various attractions are set on the beaches and the promenade.

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