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Summer is the time of long-awaited holidays and vacations, when you can fully enjoy the trip and get a lot of pleasant experiences.

There are many leisure options – some prefer comfortable five-star hotels by the sea, while others are more interested in active holidays and thrills.

Going on the road, we all carefully think through the route, study the information on the Internet in search of answers to our questions, and also pack our bags, trying to predict what might be needed on vacation.

In the framework of the project “Sea vs Mountains” on HB Style, we offer you to get acquainted with the recommendations of travel experts, as well as with useful information that will help you get the most out of your upcoming trip. Tips are intended for those who are going on vacation at sea, and for those who plan to go hiking in the mountains.

What to take on a hike in the mountains in summer

On a camping trip, people complain much more about a heavy backpack than a lack of things, experienced travelers say, recalling that in addition to things, you will need to carry groceries, a sleeping bag and a tent.

The list of must-have things for hiking includes, first of all, a sleeping bag, a backpack, a tourist rug, it is also a karemat, a raincoat, tracking poles, comfortable sneakers, a windbreaker, sweatpants, a sweater, a hat, as well as a t-shirt and socks.

It is equally important to bring a plastic bottle, a flashlight, a spoon and a mug, mosquito and tick products, a first-aid kit, personal hygiene items, toilet paper and sunscreen.

Tip 1. The optimal volume of a men’s backpack is about 80 liters. A female backpack should be about 60 liters.

Tip 2. Do not neglect karemat, because its main goal is the thermal insulation of the body and cold from the ground.

Tip 3. On a hike you need to take two pairs of shoes. The main shoe should be a pair of hiking shoes or trekking boots, and a spare pair can be ordinary sneakers or sneakers.

Tip 4. It is advisable to take about five pairs of socks with you on a hike. Thermosocks are preferable. It is also recommended that you take a separate pair of warm socks for sleeping.

Tip 5. You should not take jeans or trousers on a hike. Pants should be sports or hiking – light and quick-drying. You can also bring shorts with you.

Tip 6. It is recommended that you bring along a few T-shirts, as well as a golf or long-sleeved shirt that can protect your skin from sun rays and wind.

Tip 7. Even on summer trips in the evenings at altitude it is very cool, so you should take a sweater with you, and preferably a fleece jacket.

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