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Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation, a business, cultural and tourist center of Russia. The first mention of Moscow dates back to 1147. The city was founded by Suzdal Prince Yuri Dolgoruky. The architectural appearance of the capital was formed over the centuries. The best Russian and foreign architects and artists worked on creating a unique image of Moscow. Today, Moscow is one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, a cultural center of world significance. This city is very popular among foreign visitors of our country. Moscow is capital of Russia. The history of Moscow begins with a legend about how Prince Yuri Dolgoruky invited his neighbor to the council, and in honor of this meeting in Moscow, “the dinner was strong.” The monument to Yuri Dolgoruky stands on one of the central squares, opposite the Moscow City Hall.

Many centuries ago, the city was built on seven hills. It’s quite difficult to distinguish between them now, except, perhaps, Borovitsky Hill, where one of the Kremlin towers stands. The Kremlin (translated from Greek – “steep hill”) and Red Square are undoubtedly the main attractions of Moscow, the symbols of Russia.

The intricate fortress towers and walls of the Moscow Kremlin were erected according to the project of Italian architects. The Government of Russia works in the Kremlin and tourists are allowed only to the part of the territory where the cathedrals are located, the oldest Russian museum of the Armory, as well as the Diamond Fund with a unique collection of precious stones and jewelry.

In the Kremlin, next to the 81-meter bell tower of Ivan the Great, which was once the tallest building in Russia, there is the largest bell in the world – the Tsar Bell. Its weight is 202 tons, height 6, 14 meters. The bell never rang: right after the casting, during a fire in 1737, a huge piece fell off from it, which is now nearby. Nearby is the 40-ton Tsar Cannon – a monument of foundry art of the 16th century, it was also never used for its intended purpose.

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