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If you are an experienced traveler

Trekking is actually just an advanced hike from one base through mountain passes, rivers, rocks and gorges to another. You decide how many obstacles you are ready to overcome on your way. An undoubted bonus is the contemplation of an unusual animal and plant world, the main thing is to have time to look around!

Any walking trip can be attributed to the concept of trekking. This new borrowed word actually means the beloved from childhood, such native hiking and mountain hiking.

The purpose of trekking is to slowly move along the route and admire the surrounding views, carrying a small backpack and not burdening the journey of the camera. The remaining things are loaded into the car, or laden with animals (mules, yaks).

We tried to create all the conditions so that your trip does not turn into a tedious overcoming of mountain passes under the weight of luggage. During trekking you will have a pleasant rest with picnics, a leisurely tour of local attractions, an evening bath, overnight in campgrounds.

Yes, you can say that trekking is not a pleasure for everyone, because not everyone can overcome every day 15-15 km. However, those who prefer an active holiday to a passive one, always remain delighted with places inaccessible to sightseeing buses, untouched by civilization, caves and gorges. When hiking with RussiaDiscovery you have to contemplate the views that you will remember and remember.

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