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As soon as this beautiful and mysterious place of the Northern Urals is not called: Man-Pupu-Ner, Man-Pupyg-Ner, Bolvano-Iz, Mansi idiots … Tourists usually call them briefly – “navels”.

Translated from the Mansi language, “Man-Pupu-Ner” means “Small mountain of idols.”

There are seven of these remnants. Six pillars lined up on a flat plateau, and one stands a little to the side. Their height is from 30 to 42 meters. They all have bizarre outlines.

For Mansi, this place has long been considered holy, they forbidden to go here.

According to one legend, stone pillars in ancient times were seven Samoyed giants that walked through the mountains in order to destroy the Vogul people. But, rising to the plateau, their leader, the shaman, saw the sacred Vogul mountain Yalping-ner in front of him. In horror, he threw his drum to the top (it is now called Coyp – “drum”) and all seven giants were petrified with horror. Since then they have stood on this mountain plateau.

Being here, it is really hard to believe that these mysterious pillars were formed only due to the destruction of the mountains. However, this is so. Pillars formed over many millions of years as a result of weathering of the Ural Mountains. The weak rocks surrounding them collapsed, and these, which turned out to be harder, the rocks survived and formed this miracle of nature.

The pillars of the Man-Pupu-Ner plateau in 2008 were recognized as one of the seven wonders of Russia. During the vote, more than one and a half million votes were collected for them!

The virgin beauty of this place has been preserved due to its remoteness and inaccessibility. Within a radius of hundreds of kilometers there are no settlements. For this reason, random people prone to vandalism, fortunately, do not get here.

A trip to Man-Pupu-Ner for unprepared people is available only when throwing and throwing out by helicopter. In the case of a hiking trip is available only to experienced, well-trained tourists. The walking route usually takes about two weeks.

The weather in these northern mountains is very cold and unpredictable. Fogs are frequent in which it is difficult to make out the pillars of weathering and it is easy to get lost.

Weathering poles are located on the territory of the Pechoro-Ilychsky reserve and to visit them, in order to avoid problems, you need to get permission from his administration.

To do this, you need to write a statement addressed to the director of the reserve. The application must indicate the estimated duration of the trip, a list of group members, passport details and contact details. A pass will be issued in the reserve, taking an environmental fee for it.

Coordinates of the administration of the reserve Address: 169436, Komi Republic, Troitsko-Pechora district, pos. Yaksha, st. Lanino d. 8

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