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Experienced tourists are advised to get acquainted with the nature of Altai precisely in hiking trips – and this, indeed, is one of the best options. So you can visit the most popular places, as well as inaccessible areas of the Altai Territory, and plunge headlong into the beauty of the Altai mountains. “Altai-Active-Tour” offers you several options for walking programs with horse escort – you do not have to drag the load over your shoulders, charming and very hardy horses will do it perfectly.

Start your acquaintance with the many-faced Altai region with a walk through the most memorable places. Walking tours in Altai from “Altai-Active-Tour” is the conquest of mountain peaks and magical lakes, walk along the picturesque river banks lightly, and you will definitely like it.

In our assortment there are several programs, among which you can choose the one that best suits the level of your physical fitness, length of rest and budget size. Our company is ready to offer you a variety of routes: from the simplest to the most difficult. Accompanied by professional guides you will get:

to Aktru-do Shavlo-to Belukha.

Advantages of active hiking (just the word walks are associated with many geeky walks in the woods, but this is not entirely true in hiking)

This type of vacation is chosen by people who are active, in love with their lives, ready to enjoy every minute. Hiking with horseback riding is an opportunity to improve your health thanks to the amazing climate and aromatic medicinal herbs in Altai meadows. Here you:

immerse yourself in relaxation in the bosom of untouched nature – make an optimal load on the heart during long walks on rough terrain – experience the beneficial effects of hippotherapy – close communication with horses in natural conditions.

You must admit that all this deserves to walk along the most beautiful paths of Altai. Entrust your Altai-Active-Tour vacation and you will return home with a baggage of positive impressions, new knowledge and skills.

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