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I have been cycling for over thirty years. I had tourist, mountain, road, sport bikes and several folding bikes. Each of them had its own advantages, but the bicycle for tourism in the first round should be reliable.

Types of bicycles.

Which bike is best for traveling? For short trips or trips with a support vehicle carrying your equipment, a sports or hybrid bike is a good choice. For hiking with frequent ferry crossings and rail travel, a folding tourist bike may be suitable. For dirt and bad roads, an expeditionary or mountain bike may be required. Let’s look at each type of bike separately.

Sports and hybrid bikes.

Now in bike shops you can mainly buy sports and hybrid bikes designed for highway driving. They are designed for trips without heavy load on good road surface. In organized tours with overnight stays in hotels and organized meals, a quality sports or hybrid bike is suitable. Technical characteristics of sports and hybrid bicycles:

Aluminum (or steel) frame for upright use on hybrid bicycles and low position on sports bicycles Medium and medium reliability components Double or triple crank system for medium difficulty elevations with light luggage Direct, vertical or downward tilted handlebars 700c wheels 28 – 36 mm wide Luggage racks and wings One or two bottle holders On hybrid bicycles, the front shock forks are heavy – on the highway they will be redundant. You can buy for 400 – 1000 US dollars. Mountain bikes.

Since the mid-1990s, mountain bikes have been among the best-selling. A direct steering wheel, simple gear shifting, vertical landing are the main factors that determine the choice of a mountain bike for daily trips. If your route goes along dirt, gravel roads, narrow paths or in the snow, then a mountain bike is an ideal choice. But most often they are not used for their intended purpose.

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