Music for Camping in the Mountains

Abkhazia Photo report hiking in the mountains
Ok so hike. This time it is dedicated to Easter, and, of course, to Music. The route – from Bakhchisarai to Sevastopol, includes almost all mountain active Orthodox monasteries, namely: St. Assumption (Bakhchisaray), St. Anastasia the Patternerers (Kachi -Callion), St. Ap. Luke (Lucky, Bashtanovka), St. Theodore Stratelates (Chelter-Koba), Compound of Mangupsky monastery – Church of the Nativity of Christ (Red Poppy), St. Annunciation (Mangup-Kale), St. Pokrovsky (Shuldan), Preobrazhensky Monastery of Inkerman Monastery, St. Klimentievsky (Inkerman).

As always, a priority invitation – to all musicians and hikers! But all those who are passionate about mountains, hiking and music are also invited. An arch-singular priority – singing on the choir and other chorus singers, vocalists, chorologists and choreographers :)

The total length of the route is about 80 km. The daily distance is 15-20 km. The duration of the trip is 5-6 days. The level is easy. You can participate in part of the route! (we go as much as we can and leave at the nearest point with transport).

Details on fees, inventory and equipment are in the Discussions. All questions are in Community Posts!

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