Ski Hiking Karkaraly Mountain Forest

high level required

New Year’s Ski hike along the Karkaraly mountain range and the most ancient mountains of Kent, which are located in the territory of Central Kazakhstan. During the trip, tourists will see the amazing beauty and unusual nature of this area: the oldest mountain ranges covered with a picturesque pine forest, many bizarre rocks of the most fantastic forms. The rocks here resemble the fossils of animals that lived on this ancient land in the distant past. There is the Sphinx rock and the Dragon Wings rock, the Fang rock and the Molar rock, as well as a huge number of stone mushrooms and frozen giants – huge stone turtles. To participate in the trip you need the experience of multi-day ski trips (or participation in training ski trips) and good physical training. Climbing training is not required. The leader is Konstantin Serafimovich E-mail svkonst @ – tel. 4. Vkontakte:

From the equipment you need: tracking boots with shoe covers, wooden (tourist or forest) or plastic (ski tour or backcountry) skis with universal (spring) mounts, a warm jacket (down jacket), windproof suit, running clothing (thermal underwear, half-deck), mask from frost and wind, warm gauntlets, dishes, a lantern. All nights are planned in a warm tent with a stove.

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