Trekking Mountain Fisht

horse trek to Mount Fisht

Climbing the peaks of Fisht, Oshten is fraught with many surprises and surprises. First of all, this is a feeling of new emotions and feelings, rapprochement with nature. This is a test of strength. These are fabulous beauty panoramas of mountains, which are breathtaking.

For many years, the Caucasian mountains of Fisht and Oshten have attracted a myriad of tourists, climbers, cavers and climbers with varying degrees of training. And this is no coincidence. The fact is that the conditions for mountain tourism are quite diverse, and therefore the area is interesting for both beginners and professionals. The program of hiking to Fisht, which we offer, includes visiting the peaks of Fisht and Oshten along very interesting and affordable routes of difficulty:

Climbing Fisht (2867 m) according to Classics, category 1 b, climbing Oshten (2804 m) has no category. Day 1. Acquaintance.

Gathering the whole group in the village. Hadzhokh (starting point of a trip to Fisht), accommodation. After – a walk around the neighborhood, a visit to the panoramic points near the village. Return to base for dinner. After dinner, the acquaintance of all participants in the campaign, briefing, fees for tomorrow’s exit. An evening by a cozy fire and stories of experienced tourists about climbing Fisht.

2nd day. The beginning of the trip to Fisht.

Departure from the village Hajoch on the plateau Lago-Naki. By transport, we reach the border of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve, and from the cordon we begin our hiking route, which includes first climbing to Oshten, then to Fisht.

From the very beginning of the trip you will be fascinated by the purity, beauty and originality of nature. On the way it will be possible to admire all kinds of plants, of which there are a great many on the slopes of the Fisht and Oshten mountains. An interesting natural phenomenon is karst funnels, in which even in the summer you can see the snow left over from the winter. Mountain streams, originating high in the mountains, are also attracting attention, so that later they can roll along the plain with a powerful stream.

All this will accompany us all the second day of the Fisht-Oshten campaign. In the evening we will approach the foot of Mount Oshten, and we will camp at a small picturesque lake located at an altitude of about 2000 m. Around there are only stone walls of mountains, alpine meadows, and at night – a huge starry sky.

3rd day. Climbing Oshten.

Climbing the city of Oshten. Technically, climbing the mountain is not at all difficult, suitable for preparing inexperienced tourists for climbing Fisht. When climbing the mountain of Oshten, the participants of the trek discover views that fascinate with their infinity, causing a desire to move higher and higher. And so, we are at the top of Oshten.

Everything that was striving for will be before us: the peaks of all nearby mountains, the blue sky, river valleys, forests. At the top we enjoy the beauty, make memorable photos, and departure on the way back to our camp.

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