Trekking to Falcon Mountain

The height of the Falcon mountain above the level

If you look at Mount Falcon from the side of Sudak, it resembles a bird folding wings. Climbing the mountain is possible only from the “back” side. The “chest” of the Falcon is a monolithic sheer wall of interest only to climbers. By the way, according to them, there are three climbing routes on the Falcon, and all of varying degrees of difficulty. There are also several hiking trails that allow you to get to the top. We will talk about only two of them.

The path to the mountain starts from the Sudak-Novyi Svet highway. A narrow serpentine road passes by the Genoese fortress, the KSS of Sudak, the gatehouse of the Novyi Svit reserve and, making a sharp turn at the foot of the mountain, comes to the Dimitraki gorge. The uphill trail starts at the bend of the road under the Devil’s finger (a weathering form similar to a stone finger – see photo) and goes up the low and narrow crevice, the climb of which is the main difficulty of the trip. If possible, it would be good for this case to have a rope 5-10 meters long with you. Needless to say, to go on a similar journey (as, incidentally, on many others) without comfortable sports shoes is a frivolous and risky enterprise.

Climbing the crevice, we get to the observation deck, which overlooks the small new secular bays. The path goes left and up, passes by the Devil’s finger, and leads along the top edge of the mountain to the top. On the way there are Stankevich’s pines, which in the Crimea can only be seen here and on Cape Ayia. In addition to pine trees, juniper grows on the mountain: in general, the vegetation is sparse and small, so you can’t count on “natural” protection from the sun. The path to the top lasts no more than an hour, and conveniently, you can admire the panorama of the coast during the entire climb – the view is wonderful. From the top of the mountain (474 ​​meters above sea level), a panorama of the entire south-eastern coast of Crimea opens: from Ayu-Dag to Kara- Doug.

From the top, the path leaves sharply down and to the left and leads to the New World. The trail is poorly readable in places, so keep to the left edge (when viewed from the back of the Falcon) of a stone ridge and, if possible, avoid talus, otherwise you will find yourself in the “impenetrable jungle” of a stunted and thickened forest consisting of hornbeam and juniper.

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