Trekking to Mount Iremel

Trekking to Mount Iremel

Iremel is a mountain that occupies the second highest place among the peaks of the South Urals. Almost 600 meters above sea level. From time immemorial, Iremel was considered a mountain of spirits for the Bashkirs, and rising there to someone other than sorcerers was read as a bad sign. But in our time, Iremel attracts tourists all over the world: many climb the top of the mountain to admire the majestic beauty of nature, which is breathtaking.

The mountain itself is ancient, as is its name, composed of Mongolian and Bashkir words: “ir” – a man, a man and “mist” – a saddle – a saddle of a rider. Iremel received this name because of its appearance: the two mountain ranges Big and Small Iremel are connected by a huge stone saddle. The mountain itself is located in the Bashkir region, but on the very border with Chelyabinsk, so both regions are proud of this natural wonder. And for this reason, it’s faster to get to the mountain from the Chelyabinsk region. Another version says that Iremel is translated from the Turkic language as “Sacred Mountain”; in ancient times, the ancestors of the Bashkirs believed that this was the place of power that spirits give to a person.

Ascent to Iremel begins along the Kurums – a stone placer on the rock fragments covered with moss and lichens. Having reached the top, you will find yourself on a wide plateau interspersed with small rocks, one of them has a peak of the mountain – 1582m – you will recognize it by its bright flags and ribbons. At the top of the head, usually hidden in the clouds, is always a piercing wind. Therefore, it is worth dressing very warmly, even in the heat. After all, the snow on top does not melt until June.

On a sunny day, Iremel offers stunning views of the mountains Nurgush, Chests, Yamantau, Sinyak, the majestic ridges of Zigalga and Avalyak, on impenetrable thickets of coniferous forests on the slopes. As a conqueror of a mountain peak, you will find yourself in a fog of clouds floating by. And you will see landscapes of the wild Ural nature, amazing imagination.

Tourists usually conquer Big Iremel, but on the Small Iremel there are few people, however there are no less beautiful views: rock bastions, a rocky plateau.

Around Iremel there is also something to see: upland terraces, stone cities, picturesque placers. Do not forget to bring a camera with you. Many come to recharge the energy of the mountain, venerating it sacred. Someone is collecting clean water from rivers at the foot of a flask. And someone is looking for healing ginseng on steep slopes.

Since 2010, the mountain has been declared a reserve-park “Iremel”, so hunting, fishing and collecting plants, mushrooms are strictly prohibited. They say that they didn’t let the spirits off the mountain: they drive in three pines, “steal” things and don’t return without waiting for a sincere apology.

Every year, “Healthy as an Elk” runs a marathon in Iremel – participants compete in a mountain race: 26 kilometers across rough terrain.

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