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20 free entertainment in European cities! Save for Note!

No need to overspend when you are on vacation in Europe! Remember that all the best in life is free. What does this apply to urban vacation in the Old World?

1. Bicycles, Copenhagen How to save money for lunch at the best Noma restaurant in the world? And do not take a taxi around Copenhagen. Instead, use the free and convenient bike rental scheme in this city.

2. Chocolate, Zurich. What could be better than free chocolate? Is it free beer … If you like sweets, go straight to the Lindt Chocolate Factory Sprungli in Zurich. Entrance to the chocolate museum is also free.

3. Comedy, Edinburgh If you intend to watch several performances during the August Edinburgh Festival, the price may be prohibitive. But you can not pay it if you go to the free Comedy Festival. All you need to do is leave a few coins in the donation box at the exit. Any joke will seem funnier if you don’t have to pay exorbitant prices for it.

4. Deciphering the da Vinci code, Paris. Visiting the Louvre – the world’s largest art gallery – free of charge on the first Sunday of the month (as well as on July 14 and at any time if you are under 18 or teach art). Usually you have to pay 15 euros to admire Mona Lisa or solve the Da Vinci code.

5. Shopping, IstanbulYes, not spending money walking around the Grand Bazaar is problematic, but still possible. Enjoy the atmosphere and interactivity without which communication with Turkish sellers is not complete.

6. Concerts, Amsterdam. Join the advanced locals who come on Wednesday for free afternoon concerts at Concertgebouw, a place where one of the world’s most respected orchestras rehearses. The queue can be rather big, but you won’t regret standing in it.

7. Dinosaurs, London. London boasts the best museums in the world, and some of them are free. For example, the Museum of Natural History, the collection of which is a lot of fun and exciting.

8. Walking tours, Berlin. If you have already gone to such iconic sights as the Charlie checkpoint and the Reichstag, then it’s time to see the less-traveled side of Berlin. Alternative Berlin Tours twice a day provide an opportunity to join the exciting hipster creative.

9. Masterpieces of Gaudi, Barcelona One of the main attractions of Barcelona is the fantastic architecture of Gaudi. Outside, these monuments, including the famous Sagrada Familia or Casa Mila, can be viewed completely free. You can even sit for free on the famous bench in Park Guell.

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