Camping Mountain Tips

Hiking in the mountains

To avoid troubles during your trip, follow a few rules.

First of all, going to the mountains, find a company for yourself. After all, even the most experienced climbers do not dare to go to the mountains alone. Find for your company at least one or two people, better than men.

Before departure, notify acquaintances or people who have stopped for temporary residence that you are going on a trip and tell them the approximate time of your return.

Now let’s move on to your equipment. There are minimum requirements for the equipment of each participant in the campaign. It must include a flashlight with spare batteries, several boxes of matches and lighters, and a hunting knife.

She is dressed in tight long trousers and a long-sleeved shirt. This must be done even despite the heat, as numerous stinging insects and snakes are waiting for you on a hike in the mountains. Well and, of course, numerous prickly plants. Comfortable, but at the same time sturdy shoes are needed for the legs; high sneakers or mountain boots are best.

Climbing Tips

So, you began your ascent to the mountains. It is best to move up along the river – so you can not get lost. If it is absent, select the beaten path for movement.

If it seemed to you that you were lost – never panic and do not begin to go downhill. So you will surely fall into thorns or come across dangerous wild animals. On the contrary, try to climb to the top of the mountain. From it you can look around, also at the top you will find a path, or maybe even several paths.

Do not forget about the golden rule of climbers: in the mountains you can not lose altitude. To change the route, try to go at the same level that went before. Otherwise, you may simply not have enough strength to complete the campaign.

Weather in the mountains

The biggest difficulty in the mountains for travelers is a sharp change in weather. You will not be able to see how the storm is going. But there is one sign that allows us to determine this: about half an hour before a thunderstorm in the forest, a special “dead” silence sets in.

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