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Tent is an integral part of the props for any mountain climbing, involving at least one night. This is a fact that is hard to argue with. Indeed, in the mountains it becomes for the climber not only a symbol of a temporary home (and our minds are prone to such stereotypes), but, in fact, the temporary home itself. Therefore, the choice of a tent must be approached responsibly.

The choice of a tent for a mountain hike is especially important, because the extreme weather conditions that you encounter during a mountain hike do not allow careless attitude to any of the little things, and you can’t name a temporary house a trifle. An ill-considered choice here can lead to the most unpleasant consequences.

So, how to choose a suitable tent for mountain climbing? The answer to this question may cause some difficulty, because in the modern market for such goods – a dime a dozen. Let’s try to figure it out.

Types of Mountain Tents

Mountain tents can be divided into two types: 1) high-mountain; 2) medium-mountain. At the same time, high-mountain tents can be conditionally divided into expedition and assault – depending on the style of climbing.

The expedition tent is designed for the so-called “Himalayan” climbing style – this is when several base camps are organized during the ascent. Hence the requirements for such a tent: wind resistance and structural rigidity, because such a tent should stand for a long time in one place, and at the same time withstand the pressure of snow and wind.

The assault tent is intended for the “alpine” style of climbing, in which the base camps are not set up, and the tent is carried with them all the time. In this regard, it should be plus to everything said about the expeditionary tent as light as possible. Can you imagine what it is like to constantly carry, like a snail, your heavy house, and even uphill? Such an ascent will bring little joy.

Tents for the midlands combine the qualities of both of the above categories: by weight they are something in between, they are more comfortable because they require use in not so harsh conditions.

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