Cats for Mountaineering

Petzl releases 2016

The horizontal design of the PETZL cat frame provides the closest fit of the sole of the boot to the cat to increase the sense of relief and accuracy of movement. The number, length and location of the teeth are calculated for optimal stability and stability on ice, snow and rocks.

The PETZL steel used for the manufacture of cats was specially selected for its strength characteristics. The use of such high-quality steel makes climbing cats as light as possible without loss of strength.

FLEXLOCK and LEVERLOCK UNIVERSEL mounts allow you to choose cats for use with any type of boots – with or without welts.

All climbing cats are equipped with ANTISNOW anti-slip plates to prevent snow from sticking to cats.

Crampons for ice climbing and mixed routes

These cats are designed for sports ice climbing, drytooling and mixed. They allow the athlete to move on ice as well as on rocks. In this category, Petzl offers climbing cats with one (DART) or two (DARTWIN) front teeth, as well as transforming cats (LYNX) with the ability to replace the front section. Cats for mountaineering and hiking. All climbing cats are equipped with ANTISNOW anti-slipstocks. Discontinued models Unsubscribe from the newsletter ยป

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