Composition on the topic Hiking in the Mountains


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Tomorrow we are going to the mountains with the whole family. I need to pack a backpack. We will take a tent, a camera, a bowler hat, sleeping bags and groceries. In the morning we got up early and drove to the station. Mom went to the ticket office for tickets. Soon our train approached. We had breakfast on the train and with fresh strength went to the mountains. Before us was a beautiful view: high mountains and snowy peaks, slopes overgrown with low shrubs and flowers. Funny dragonflies fly around. The sun heats the earth with warm rays. Clean and clear mountain rivers cheerfully rush down the slopes. We chose a parking place, set up a tent and made a fire. The time was approaching in the evening. The sun gradually disappeared beyond the tops of the mountains. Night fell, time to sleep. A night in the mountains is full of mysterious rustles and sounds, life does not freeze for a minute. Here was the last time an owl cried out, dawn was coming soon. I climbed onto a high ledge of rock and from there I saw a moving point, which turned out to be a mountain goat. And how do they manage to jump steeply so deftly ?! A lizard slipped past me and froze on a stone. After a cold night, she basked in the sun. Other tourists go down the mountainside. I went down to the camp. It’s time to eat! Walking along the mountain trails, it is pleasant to reflect on the experiences. In the distance caves appeared. I took out a flashlight and took a few steps inland, an unknown force led me through the cave. A stone blockage is ahead, but there is a rather large hole in it. There are cobblestones nearby, which means someone has been here. Suddenly, the tunnel turns sharply to the right, far ahead is visible light. This is the way out. I remembered the time. In the mountains, it runs unnoticed. Returning to the camp, I went to bed. Tomorrow it’s time to go home. When we got into the carriage, mountains and trees ran back. At home I remembered this trip for a long time!

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