Hike to the Ural Mountains

Suzuki Escudo BUG

Type: Hiking routes Thread: Inta – national park Yugyd-Va – Lake Small Balbanty – Ural ridge – Mount Manaraga – Zig-Zag and Limbeko passes – Inta taiga, we will challenge the highest peaks – Mount Narodnaya and the Queen of the Urals, the witching Mount Manaraga. And also we will literally visit the border of two parts of the world – Europe and Asia. Mirror lakes with crystal clear water will open for us. The origins of full rivers flowing down from the snowy peaks. Endless tundra, wild reindeer herds. The terrible passes, covered with dense fogs, dividing the picturesque valleys. Shadows of clouds on the slopes. The living water of streams, the ruins of moss covered moss. Dwarf birch trees rolling in the windbreak of the taiga. Yellow polar tulips frosted over night. Imprint of the north. The mighty Ural Mountains, surrounded by a mountain resembling a bear paw. Endless sunsets, immediately turning into dawn. Contact with the secrets of antiquity. Climbing to the highest point of the entire Urals. And the eternal polar day!

To our great regret

Type: Other routes Thread: Nizhny Tagil – Nevyansk – Tavatuy – Druzhinino – Bazhukovo – Druzhinino – park Duration: 8 days Length: 360 km About the hike: Biking in the real Taiga. Here are picturesque Ural mountains, famous all over the country Demidov factories, the border of Europe and Asia, bizarre beautiful rocks, winding rivers and picturesque lakes, caves and cave paintings. And also camping romance: evenings by the fire, stars in the sky, new friends.

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