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We organize hiking in the mountains – real and completely autonomous, we will go with a backpack and spend the night in tents, cook food at the stake. Our trips to the Crimea are accessible to all, the main thing is to have a desire and be able to walk a lot. For more experienced and sophisticated pedestrian tourists, starting in 2011, we carry out longer and more difficult mountain hikes in the Caucasus (the legendary “Thirty” or the All-Union tourist route number 30 and other routes), “exotic” trips in the mountains of Turkey ( Lycian path), Montenegro (Durmitor), Nepal (At the foot of Annapurna) and other mountains around the world.

Hiking is one of the most exciting pastimes, unrivaled communication with wildlife, an amazing journey to places and corners where you can only be reached on foot. This is a great athletic form and new interesting acquaintances.

What is good hiking in the mountains?

Hiking in the mountains will help get rid of the accumulated stress, because there a person returns to his origins, returns to himself, forgetting about the conventions imposed by society. The incomparable beauty of the mountains and moderate physical activity restore nerves and peace of mind.

In mountain hikes, we not only have a pleasant time, they become part of our life. Anyone who has ever gone on a real campaign will never be able to leave this occupation. He will never succeed in exchanging a chilling, knocking-down mountain wind for a soothing blow of an office fan. He will never be able to stay in city buildings for a long time – he will inexorably be pulled into the mountains. He will, knocking down his legs and scratching against thorny bushes, climb the loose slopes and steep rocks, so that weakened and happy, climb the long-awaited peak. And having risen on it, to stand and look at the whole surrounding world, to catch the eyes of flying eagles flush on you, clutch your hands at the fluffy foam of clouds and understand that now there is no one above, only the Sun, friendly to caressing his tanned face. And there is nothing better than a dinner prepared on a crackling bonfire, there is nothing tastier than icy spring water, there is nothing stronger than sincere male friendship and gentle girlish love that arose from hiking …

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