Hiking Through Mountains Sea

Orient Express Hike

30 route through the mountains to the sea with a light backpack! Parking in spacious tents with soft mattresses! Description of the 30 route in Adygea.

History of the creation of route 30

The history of the 30th all-Union route begins long before the first pioneers with backpacks, guitars and tarpaulin tents walked along it. The first routes through the mountains to the sea were tested by the caravans of the Celestial Empire, which transported precious silk, iron and stones. This route was chosen by trade caravans as it was the shortest and safest. Such is the current route 30 (or the famous “Thirty”).

The All-Union tourist route 30 begins its history in the 30s of the 20th century. Since 1936, a regular visit to Route 30 through the mountains to the sea becomes planned. The peak of attendance was the 80s.

Today, more and more people want to visit the famous thirtieth route, to see the enchanting nature, to get in touch with history, to feel like a real tourist and adventurer.

The 30th union route has become attractive for tourists for many reasons. And here are a few of them: these are the most accessible mountains in the European part of Russia, almost 3000 m high; the climate is mild throughout the entire 30 route along Adygea – a variety of flora, including a large number of endemic plants (plants whose distribution is limited to a certain geographical area )-throughout the campaign through the mountains to the sea, several climatic zones alternate: subalpine, alpine, tropics, subtropics — and, of course, the beauty of mountains, rocks, gorges, meadows and rivers. Day 1. Arrival. Gorge Meshoko.

Check in tourists. Breakfast. Exit to the gorge of the river. Sack. Walk on a light with a visit to waterfalls, grottoes, caves and panoramic points. Even before the start of route 30 through the mountains to the sea, tourists can enjoy the beauties of the Caucasus Mountains.

In the evening, return to base. Dinner, then gathering, getting to know the whole group. Campfire guitar songs, entertainment.

Day 2. Gorge and waterfalls of the Rufabgo River.

Breakfast, then a walk in the gorge of the Rufabgo River. On this day we will visit the through cat’s-eye cave, seven waterfalls of the Rufabgo River, as well as viewing platforms from where many of the beauties of these places will be visible. In the evening, preparing things for the campaign “Thirty”, additional briefing.

Day 3. Mountain part 30 of the route. Lago-Naki Plateau – Fisht Shelter.

This morning we expect an earlier rise. Breakfast. Transfer by minibus to the beginning of the thirtieth route. The starting point of route 30 will be the Lago-Naki plateau, located at an altitude of about 1800 m. An incredible view, karst funnels (dips in the surface of the earth associated with leaching and destruction of the rock), endless meadows of flowering plants. Here, on the way through the mountains to the sea, we will meet Mount Abadzhet and Mount Oshten.

When climbing to the Guzeripelsky Pass, you understand that further it will be even more interesting, since Fisht (the highest point 30 of the route) awaits the travelers. The end point of the third day will be Fisht’s shelter.

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