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The Southern Urals is rich in hiking trails. The peaks of Taganay, the ridges of Zyuratkul, the rocky remnants of Mount Arakul – there is where to take a walk! Vacation time is drawing near. And we decided to make a map of the most interesting walking routes in the Southern Urals. Experienced travelers, trip organizers Yevgeny Konovalov and Alexander Pshenichny help us in this, who know that even on well-known routes you can find unexplored trails.

1. Shemakha cave * Located near the village of Skaz, Nyazepetrovsky district. In summer, the cave is filled with water, which freezes in winter, turning the grotto into a fabulous ice city. Tourists can walk along the cleanest transparent floor made of ice, take pictures with long icicles. By the way, the second cave is located not far from the first, but descent into it is possible only with special equipment and with some preparation. The second cave will appeal to those who manage to travel in a plastusky way. Almost throughout the dungeon you have to crawl.

When traveling to the caves, you can navigate to the village of Shemakha, upon reaching it, find out from the locals how to get to the village of Skaz, from where there is one road to the cave.

2. Sugomak * One of the most famous and easily accessible attractions in the north of the region is Sugomak Mountain and Sugomak Cave, located in the vicinity of Kyshtym. The place is good in that within a radius of a couple of kilometers you can visit several objects – a mountain, a lake and a cave.

The cave is the only one in the Urals formed by water in marble rock.

Climbing Mount Sugomak takes no more than an hour, the trail is accessible to children and senior citizens. The top offers stunning views of the numerous lakes of our region, even Uvilds can be seen from this top.

To the north of Sugomak rises Mount Egoza. These are the peaks of one ridge, they are very similar to each other.

By the way, on the way to Sugomak, you can call in another amazing place – the kaolin quarry. Tourists call this place Russian Bali. The quarry was dug in 1945 for the extraction of kaolin – a special type of white clay. An artificial reservoir with unusual blue water and snow-white shores is a favorite background for photographs. Usually photographing the whole thing ends. It is believed that swimming in a quarry is unsafe due to the health hazardous chemical compounds found in water. So it turns out that not all white clay is good for the body!

The quarry is located near the village of Kaolinovy ​​near Kyshtym.

3. Shihan ** and Allaki * Kasli district is rich in mysterious places. So, many people know the stone remains on Shihan near Lake Arakul. Shihan was formed by huge granite slabs and boulders, as if washed with water. The origin of the remnants is unknown, some individual researchers even suggest that they appeared after the Flood. On the stones there are bizarre depressions – bowls.

In the same area there is another mystical place where sightseeing groups travel less often. These are “stone tents” on the shores of Big Allaki Lake. On a small elevation pressed to each other are stone blocks, and around not a single rock or mountain there is a continuous plain. Archaeologists believe that the “stone town” served as a sanctuary.

To get to the fancy stones, you need to follow the highway “Chelyabinsk – Yekaterinburg”, without reaching Tyubuk, turn left. You can focus on the village of Red partisan. To climb the remnants of Shihan, you can drive to the village of Vishnevogorsk, or to Silach. From these settlements follow on foot.

4. Urenga and Mont Blanc *** The longest ridge of the Chelyabinsk region Urenga originates directly from the city of Zlatoust. The highest point of the ridge is the Second Hill (Golaya Gora), the height of which reaches 1,198 m. It is from it that a magnificent view of the entire Taganay National Park opens.

To climb to the top, you need to get to the village of Veselovka, from there a dirt road leads to the top.

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