Horse Hiking in Altai Mountains


Tourists and travelers in our area expect a variety of horse tours in Altai, horse trekking in Altai, horse trails in Altai and other types of active tourism and recreation in Altai: mountain hiking of varying difficulty, horse trekking on horseback, rafting in Altai on mountain rivers on rafts, catamarans and other alloys. Combined routes are especially popular: horse-drawn, sand-water, automobile, ethnographic, ethnic and others.

This year the AltaiTourService travel company offers updated in the following areas:

To the foot of Belukha (the starting point of the route is Tyungur settlement, Ust-Koksinsky district): Kuminskiye Squirrels, Togus-Köl (nine lakes), Izholo Range (the starting point of the route is the Che-Chkysh tourist settlement, Elanda settlement, Chemalsky district)

Horse tours in Altai are a very common type of tourism in Altai in many areas of the Altai Republic, especially in the remote corners of Gorny Altai where there are places where it’s impossible to ride anything except a horse, while taking with you enough equipment and supplies. There are many amazingly beautiful places in Altai that cannot be reached by car. In such cases, tourists are offered active touring routes. Horse tours in Altai, horse tours in Altai are a very convenient way of traveling: the horse carries the load, and you ride yourself, looking around, and enjoy the beauty of mountains, lakes and waterfalls, which are found in abundance on the numerous paths and routes of Altai.

Our horse-riding tours pass through the little-visited corners of the Altai mountains, along un-worn paths, alpine meadows, cedar taiga, pristine nature. On the way, your companions for several days will be Altai horses, mountain horses, who will be your faithful friends during a fascinating journey. Camping cargo is transported together with the group in archemak (transport bags). The group on the equestrian route is accompanied by a guide and instructor-guide of the AltaiTourService travel agency.

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