Mountain Hiking for Senior Citizens

Both I and my husband are addicted

Walking in beautiful places has a favorable physical, emotional, anti-stress and healing effect on our body. The processes of its aging are slowed down. Kaliki passers-Old Russian messengers (an analogue of the feldeger post) were preserved in the people’s memory by the venerable old men. Every day they traveled 50 km or more (up to 100 km). Thanks to this, over the years, their endurance did not decrease, but increased. They lived for more than 100 years and did not die of old age, but at the hands of enemies. In support of this, I will give an example. In 1980, Murmansk pensioners – husband and wife, whose doctors discovered a dozen or two “sores” went on foot to bypass the USSR along its borders. They wanted to get well. They took a bunch of drugs with them for the first time. They started with several kilometers a day. Six months later, they traveled 40 km daily, forgetting about their “sores.” At that pace, they went around the USSR along its western, southern, eastern and northern borders in three years! Along the northern border, from winter to winter, they walked in forty-degree frosts and blizzards, spending the night in the snow. They very rarely met reindeer herder camps or polar villages, where they learned about the future route. There were many such transitions committed by pensioners of the USSR. And they all had the same beneficial effect on their health. To summarize, we can say that every day spent on a trip extends the healing, anti-stress effect for another 4 days !! 10 weeks a year spent on hikes prolong your active life for a year! If you go camping every day of the year, then old age recedes altogether, like that of transitional potatoes. I engage in safe tourism, which is very different from extreme tourism. To do this, before the hike, I carefully analyze the expected weather in the hike area and the natural hazards of the hike area: passes, water barriers, rocky, snow and ice obstacles. To overcome natural hazards, first of all, skills are needed, secondly, equipment and equipment, thirdly, planning the optimal time for their passage. The seasons of the year greatly affect the complexity of the upcoming mountain Caucasus routes. For example, mountain hikes in the Gelendzhik region in the summer do not present physical and technical difficulties, except for the sharp rise of rivers and streams as a result of heavy rains and severe dehydration in very hot weather. But in winter, frosts of up to 40 degrees are possible here with winds of up to 40-50 meters per second, snow cover can reach a thickness of 6 meters, and an ice shell – half a meter. Therefore, preparation for such a trip is required …

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