Mountain Hiking in the Caucasus

Mountain hiking in the Caucasus

Collection “Wind of Wanderings” No. 22

As you know, the main danger of the winter mountains are cold and avalanches. The formation of the latter is associated with the intensity of snowfall and the characteristics of the slopes surrounding the gorge. Avalanches occur mainly in the midlands, in the inhabited, developed gorges, where skiing is developed and there are weather stations. It is here, where the slopes of the gorges are more gentle, covered with grass, where there are conditions for the formation of a thick snow cover, the main avalanche-hazardous places are registered. In the highlands, where after fresh snowfall the snow on steep sections does not linger, and its remnants are quickly swelled by the wind, the number of avalanche slopes is limited. In addition, the continental cold air accumulates in the northern gorges of the Main Caucasian Range (GKH) due to the peculiarities of winter climatic conditions. At the same time, there are a large number of clear sunny days, minimal rainfall and a favorable environment for mountain tourist trips. However, winter mountains pose serious challenges for tourists. First of all, it is about preparing the route, equipment and group, the ability to recognize avalanche hazardous areas, build winter bivouacs, master the tactics of overcoming passes in the conditions of winter terrain and the technique of working on hard ice and snowy rocky areas.

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