Georgia Hiking in the Mountains

Georgia you want to go to

Georgia is an amazing country in its beauty and diversity. It harmoniously combines warm Black Sea beaches and the harsh landscapes of the Main Caucasian Range, sincere hospitality and strict adherence to ancient traditions, beach holidays and active tourism. It is the latter that interests us – after all, we will go on a mountain hike in Georgia!

Why go hiking in Georgia with us? We are in love with Georgia and will show it to you from the inside. You will plunge headlong into the world of proud Svans and also fall in love with this magnificent and hospitable country! Guarantee of a trip. When we said that you can buy a ticket – feel free to buy, the situation that the trip will be canceled due to our fault is excluded. Experienced and good guides. Only such people work with our groups, they will tell you about the features of camp life and teach everything that is needed. The whole organization lies with us. It is enough for you to simply send an application, and then we will tell you what to do and help with the purchase of a ticket, if necessary. People are happy =)) Read the reviews of our participants who have already gone camping and wanted to share their emotions with everyone! Hiking in Georgia

Are you a lover of hiking and mountains, but have not been to Georgia yet? Then why are you still sitting at the computer? Quickly click on the button “book a trip”, buy tickets and pack things! We sincerely consider Georgia to be one of the best places for a real hiking trip! A pleasant bonus to unforgettable mountain landscapes will be Georgian cuisine and hospitality. You eat a delicious shish kebab to the dump, washed down with aromatic homemade wine, try khinkali and suluguni cheese. And lovers of history are waiting for ancient mountain temples and Svan family towers. It is difficult to say that you will like it most, but everyone who has ever been on a trip to Georgia will fall in love with this beautiful country once and for all!

Hiking in Georgia – the best routes

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