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When the prolonged winter comes to an end, you ask yourself the question:

“Where is it better to go to the May holidays?” “How to spend the May holidays?”

The best answer: to meet spring in the HIKE, IN THE MOUNTAINS!

We offer to make a spring trip to the mountains of the Caucasus, Crimea and the Carpathians that have become traditional for tourists. And exotic lovers are pleased to offer two new “island” routes – the Aphrodite Trail in Cyprus and the GR20 track in Corsica. You can also go to exotic Morocco, Turkey and Nepal.

What are good hiking trips in May?

Winter will end soon, which means it’s time to think about a trip during which it is best to meet the spring holidays! After long gloomy winter months, it’s very cool to drive into the mountains in order to gain more sun and air, break out of a boring metropolis, train weakened muscles, enjoy endless open spaces, fresh greenery and bright flowering … Hiking in the mountains in spring is the best way to restore mental and physical strength after hibernation. Active rest + contemplation of the reviving nature give an incredible boost of vivacity for long months. An adrenaline rush, the first tan, like never before, fresh, aromatic air, many adventures, vivid impressions and new acquaintances – all this is given to us by hiking in May.

May trips are remarkable in that if you want, you do not need to take a vacation separately to give yourself a week-long trip.

In order to be guaranteed on a trip to the May holidays, we recommend that you purchase tickets in advance, they can be quickly taken apart! Train tickets begin to be sold in 45 days, and it is better to buy them on the first day. Airplane tickets are already on sale!

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