Movies about Hiking

Fun frame from the movie Beach

1 Killer Mountain, 2011, USA, thriller 2 Hide! (2010), Johnny Orailey, thriller3 Frozen (2010) USA, thriller4 Deep winter (2008) USA, adventure5 Lost (2006), Novergia, horrors6 Frozen (2001) USA, comedy7 Survive (1993) USA, drama, historical8 Holy mountain (1926), Germany9 White Tower, (1956) USA10 Mount Mirage (1945), Italy-Austria11 White Hell Pitz-Pallu (1929), Germany12 We and our mountains (1969), USSR13 Mountain (2011) Norway, drama14 Gold mines (1969), Italy, comedy15 Jump in the highlands (1962), USA16 In the mountains, my heart (1967), USSR17 Outpost in the mountains (1954), USSR18 Magic Mountain (1982), France, Italy19 In the mountains of Taihanshan (2005), China 20 G ora Tsurugi: Chronicle of trigger points (2009), Japan21 Meeting in the mountains (1966), USSR22 Mountain in Korea (1956), Great Britain23 Postmen in the mountains (2002), China24 Zayna, conqueror of the Atlas Mountains (2005), Germany, France25 Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors ( 1963), USSR26 Himalayas – where the wind lives (2008), France, South Korea27 Mountain alarm (1955), Romania28 Other side of the Mountain (1975), USA29 Top (1976), Georgia30 In the mountains of Yugoslavia (1946), Yugoslavia31 Conquerors of the Peaks (2008), USA, sport 32 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), the USA – in the mountains of N. Zelandia 33 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003), USA – N.Zelandia34 The Lord of the Rings: Two Fortresses (2002), the USA – in N.Zelandii35 Once Upon a Time in the Caucasus (2007), Russia, comedy36 Duel in the Mountains (1967), USSR37 Alps (2007), USA38 Conquest of the Caucasus, (1913), Russian Empire)) 39 Once Upon a Time in Tibet (2007), China40 Escape from Tibet (2012), Germany41 Mountain Avengers (2009), Poland, Czech Republic42 Painted Veil (2006), USA, China43 Avalanche (1999), USA44 Another .. Avalanche (1978), USA45 Pass (1961), USSR46 Gold Rush (1925), USA47 STARS AT NOON, 1959 France48 White Captivity (2006), USA49 Death of a conductor (1975), France50 In the wild (2007), USA51 Bear (1988) USA, Fra nts52 Descent (2005), Great Britain53 9th company, Russia (Koktebel district54 Finist – Yasokalny Falcon, USSR (in the South Coast)

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