Hike to Mount Hamster

Trekking to the Hamster Mountain

Traveling for many of us is a way of communication not only with new people, countries, but also the knowledge of the surrounding world of nature. Our story is for those who are used to spending their leisure time actively. IGotoWorld.com goes to the mountains. We are waiting for climbing Mount Khomyak in the Carpathians.

“Hello mountains, such a height!”

Mountains always beckon with their proud grandeur, unspoiled paths, beautiful landscape, peaks growing into clouds, clean air.

In this article we will talk about climbing routes to the most beautiful mountain of the Carpathians – Khomyak (near Mount Sinyak). This is the Ivano-Frankivsk region, near the ski resort of Bukovel. Only you and the mountains, and no civilization. Even a one-day trip to Mount Khomyak will allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of the ancient Carpathians. You will admire magnificent views of the central Gorgan, see the Svidovets ridge, the Montenegrin ridge. Well, climbing?

Why “Hamster” and which way is better to go to it

The height of the mountain with the funny name Hamster is 1542 meters. Named by the locals so because of the outward resemblance to the back of a cute rodent animal – a hamster.

There are at least two ways to get to Mount Hamster.

The first route begins at the turn to the resort of Bukovel in the village of Tatarov on the highway Ivano-Frankivsk – Bukovel. Near the road there is a trail that leads to a mountain serpentine. This route is considered the main one. The climb is not very difficult, every tourist can overcome it without much difficulty.

2nd route – from the side of the village Polyanitsa, located 5 km from the ski resort of Bukovel. We suggest to go this route. Tourists resting in Bukovel, this path to Mount Khomyak closer.

Climbing Mount Hamster

The road to the mountain takes 3-4 hours at an unhurried pace of walking. We go up the bed of the mountain river Prutets. To be honest, the route is poorly marked, but you can get there without getting lost. The rise is accompanied by noisy mountain waterfalls. The abundance of blackberries and blueberries is a little distracting and makes the path longer in time. Well, how can you not taste the delicious Carpathian berry? The road is Gorgan stone placers. The route to the Hamster in the Carpathians is also interesting because you go first to the meadow.

Mountain meadow is our answer to famous alpine meadows

What is called alpine meadows abroad with aspiration, in Ukraine it is traditionally called meadows – mountain pastures. Carpathian pastures are affected by dense forbs, here you can see rare plants: wild violets, asters, poppies and even edelweiss.

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