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I would like to start this topic with a simple thought – there are too many real difficulties in the mountains to come up with for yourself. What am I talking about? But what about …

For many beginners (which is understandable), a long life apart from civilization, in the wilderness of pristine nature, impenetrable taiga and impregnable cliffs, seems to be something akin to a feat, or at least spacewalk. And that is precisely why, before heading “into the unknown”, they have a lot of big and small “fears”. Let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions by beginners (based on the results of communication in various forums) and try, just logically, to understand – is it really necessary to look for answers to them? 1. “How can you protect yourself from the rain”? Wrapping from head to toe in polyethylene, or wearing a scuba gear hydro-jumpsuit. :))) In all other cases, if heavy rain catches on the trail, you still have to get wet. Therefore, you need to think not about how to stay dry yourself, but about changing things lying in your backpack 2. “Are there absolutely waterproof tents on sale”? Of course, there is – made of polyethylene! :))))) All other materials, whatever the producers would write, sooner or later begin to let water through. But, in this case, the counter question arises – Have you never slept in a greenhouse? And completely wrapped in polyethylene? Just with such a “shroud” you still wake up in a pool of water. Although, perhaps, you will be comforted by the fact that it is not precipitation, but condensate and sweat, which indirectly confirms that you are still alive. 3. “Which tents are the lightest?” Single-layer – i.e. those who do not have an awning, and the tent canopy is both its roof and awning. And since any tent should have maximum water resistance, then in such a tent the degree of your comfort will almost completely correspond to the one listed in the previous paragraph. :) 4. “What are the lightest backpacks?” Those where there is no rigid frame and anatomical inserts, there are no numerous adjustments and there are no thick soft pads. It looks something like this. You can believe – nothing is easier than this, you will not find. :) Well, and the fact that this “backpack” once received in our country the unofficial name “Death of a Tourist”, let it not bother you – you never know what people will come up with when hiking. Well, but seriously – any equipment should be primarily convenient and functional, and not light. And never the first should go to the detriment of the second! And when a lover of light backpacks rubs bloody blisters on his back with a similar product on his back for a couple of days, then it’s worth to come and curiosity with him (slightly paraphrasing Morozko) – “Well, how? …

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