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1. Beach Holidays On the wide beaches of the Black Sea coast of Georgia are several resorts. The largest and most famous of them is, of course, Batumi, which in the summer becomes the busiest point in the country. The beaches here are free, wide and long, pebbly and insanely beautiful. The resort has a lot of entertainment, and next to it there are even more beautiful places where you can go in between swims. For example, a paradise, Batumi Botanical Garden. Also Makhuntseti waterfall and Prometheus cave. At the end of July, Batumi traditionally hosts an international jazz festival, which has become known worldwide among fans of the genre. There are also calmer resorts in Georgia. For example, the beautiful city of Kobuleti with a pine forest and clean air. Near the Turkish border is the resort of Kvariati. The resort of Ureki is famous for its unique magnetic sand, where many people come to improve their health.

2. Guided toursGeorgia, or Sakartvelo, as Georgians call their land, is a country of contrasts. Besides the fact that there are uniquely beautiful places that are not similar to each other, there are surprisingly interesting stories. Acquaintance with Georgia, as a rule, begins with Tbilisi, the pearl of Transcaucasia. The mood of Tiflis (the former name of Tbilisi) is especially felt in the Old Town, where at every step the images from postcards with carved balconies and linen on clotheslines come to life. Next to Tbilisi is the city of Mtskheta – the ancient capital of Georgia, a holy place. The city is home to Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, a cult monument of Christian Georgia. And the famous Jvari temple rises above Mtskheta, where the images of the poem “Mtsiri” come to life. In the Georgian city of Sighnaghi, you will become a romantic, because it is a city of love. In Gori, remember the story – there is the house-museum of Joseph Stalin. In Borjomi, you will taste the famous mineral water directly from the sources.

3. Mountain tours. Many vacationers go to the mountains in the summer in order to recharge with amazing energy of places and enjoy the leisurely flow of time among the wise and majestic mountains. It is in the summer in the mountains that there is an opportunity to visit waterfalls, river rafting, picnic on the lake. Mountains, hills, alpine meadows, cows, horses … Ecological outdoor recreation brings a lot of positive emotions and energy charge for many days to come. In addition, historically, the culture of local residents is especially strongly preserved in the mountains. Therefore, there you will try a diverse cuisine and get acquainted with different traditions.

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