Pyatigorsk Trekking Mountains

View from Mashuk to Pyatigorsk

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Nevinnomyssk – Cherkessk – Aul Khurzuk – Sadyrlyar ridge – per. Chemart – Per. Buruntash – Irakhitsyrt plateau – Dzhily-Su springs – Islamchat river – Kyrtykaush pass – Verkhny Baksan aul – Pyatigorsk

Duration – 9 days

Kilometers – 69 km

Cost – 16,000 rubles 12,000 rubles

Difficulty – High

Departure point: until 10:00 in Nevinnomyssk

Place of arrival: until 20:00 in Pyatigorsk

The nearest dates of the campaign:

Hiking in the Elbrus region is one of the most beautiful mountain routes in the Caucasus. At the same time, in order to enjoy these beauties, one must be strong in spirit and body, since this trip will have many elevations and transitions along the fording of mountain rivers. We will have to carry the supply of food and fuel from the very start of the route. In this hike in the Caucasus, we will pass around the highest point of the Caucasus, Elbrus, on the northern slope, conquer several passes above 3000 m, overcome several rivers flowing from the Elbrus glaciers, take a swim in the hot springs of Dzhyla-Su and taste delicious mineral water.

1 day. Aul Khurzuk – Ullu-Khurzuk River – Enikol River

We meet at the Nevinnomyssk railway station, we move to Cherkessk and further to the ancient Karachai aul Khurzuk. Here is the beginning of our route. Today we will enter a picturesque gorge that will lead us to the confluence of two Caucasian rivers – Ullu-Khurzuk and Yenikol. Overnight.

The height of the start is 1493 m, the height of the overnight stay is 1618 m, the climb is 125 m, the mileage is 2, 34 km.

2 day. Enikol River – Enikol Pass

We cross the river Enikol. Then we move up to the pass (2200 m) with the same name as the river. Throughout the day we will contemplate the majestic and “real” Caucasian mountains, we will even see the white cap of Elbrus in the distance. Along the way, we will come across horses and sheep grazing here. We spend the night in a cozy meadow, however, it is no longer possible to make a fire here. Cooking dinner on the burner.

Overnight stay is 2813 m, climb 1195 m, mileage 9, 65 km.

3 day. Yenikol pass – Suit Jol trail – Chemart pass – Perevalnaya river

We rise even higher, where the views are becoming more exciting, the white peaks of the mountains are approaching, as if at hand. We overcame the Yenikol pass. If you are lucky, we will meet hospitable shepherds here, they can treat us with ayran and allow us to ride horses. Further our path lies along the Syut-Jol path (“Milk Road”) to the even higher Chemart Pass (3132 m). There is always snow. On one of the slopes of Chemart, the river Perevalnaya originates. At its source we will camp.

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