Adler Mountain Trekking

Release yourself in the mountains!

Check-in at the Eurohotel hotel in the city of Stavropol. Acquaintance with the guide. Tour of the historic city center.

Second day

Breakfast. Departure to the village of Arkhyz. Transfer Arkhyz – Rechepsta. The practice of setting up bivouacs in the mountains. Dinner. Overnight in tents. The first bonfire. Acquaintance with the neighbors in the tent.

The third day

Early rise. Washing in a mountain river. Testing the team “under the backpack.” The approach under the lane. Recepsta Phiya. 9 km.

Fourth day

Pass Rechepsta-Phiya. Traverse of the Zagedan ridge. Collection of lakes. Night at the very stars! 9 km.

Fifth day

Early rise. The day begins with an ascent to the Zagedan pass (2765 m.) 1 B Descent along the valley of the Zagedanka River to the village of Damkhurts. Formalities with a nature reserve and border guards. An evening of funny stories! 15 km

Sixth day

Damhurz River Valley (16 km). Approach for the Kvat pass. Occasionally, bears and border guards come across. An evening of scary stories.

Seventh day

Early rise. A busy day. Kvat pass (2350 m) n / a, Damhor Lake (10 km). Bonfire on the shore. Lunar path!

Eighth day

We take the last Tsyndyshko pass (2745 m) 1A. We admire the panorama of the Main Caucasian Range (in order to avoid hysteria, do not forget to bring your photo and video equipment with you). We go down to the famous Kardyvach lake (10 km). Overnight.

Ninth day

Mzymta River Valley. Engelman glades. Intense sports work. We admire ourselves and the world around us. Last night in tents. (15 km).

Tenth day. Village Krasnaya Polyana. Favorite place of the president. (25 km) We are accommodated in the hotel “Belarus”. Pool! Festive dinner. Fried trout !! Chestnut honey !!!

Eleventh day. City of Adler. Sea. Promises. Plans for future trips. Addresses Big tears. Strong male handshakes. See you soon!

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