Caucasus Mountains Trekking

Caucasus mountains. Mountain hike

Have you ever heard the cold breath of a glacier? Have you seen how waves of clouds break on rocky ridges? Maybe they felt the scent of flowers, walking in the alpine meadows? If so, then you will understand why we are calling you to the mountains. If not, then the only chance to understand what we are talking about is to go on one of our trips to the Caucasus.

Hiking: what is it?

A classic hike in the mountains is backpacks, stewed condensed milk and a big fun company. It can be a hike in the highlands with harsh winds and food on the burner, or it can be a light hike in the hills with evenings by the fire. In any case, you go from point A to point B, overcoming bumps in the landscape and your own fatigue, and in return you will receive divine beauty views and a feeling of fullness of life.

Features of the campaigns “Caucasus Explorer”

If the details are important to you and you want something special, then you have come to the address. Our hiking tours have a number of features that will help you get something more than your usual hiking trip.

Custom route

We go to the mountains, which are rarely visited by tourists, and the nature there has been preserved in its original form.

Variety and dynamism

We will never follow the road where a car can drive. We are sure that the “correct” casting should be quick and comfortable, and the route to the mountains as diverse as possible.

Small groups

As a rule, we organize mountain trips for groups of 6 to 10 people. Therefore, enough attention will be paid to each, and the level of security will always be at its best!

Lightweight backpacks

On our tours of the Caucasus, we carry relatively light backpacks. How do we achieve this? Firstly, we plan visits to villages or to shepherds or organize food pick-ups. Thus, we save up to 5 kilograms of weight! Secondly, we use modern equipment. We provide very light (but reliable) tents, and when compiling a list of equipment for our satellites, we rely on advanced technologies, which saves another 2-3 kilograms.

More than just a hike

The Caucasus Mountains are a fertile land inhabited by people from ancient times. As in other mountain systems, interesting and very diverse cultures have been preserved in abundance here. On our trips around the Caucasus, we like to visit herders and high-mountain villages to get acquainted with ancient traditions. In addition, we do not miss the opportunity to spend a couple of days in the city or at sea after a hike. After all, man is not alive in the mountains!

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