Crimean reviews about hiking in the mountains

The route is designed for 3 days and 2 nights. Travel cost – 4000 rubles. Hiking route length – 34 km.

Spread out … lies …

There is no contradiction in it,

Array Chatyr-Dag.

The trip “Tops and Caves of Chatyr-Dag Mountain” is a three-day trip along a magnificent stone island, which stands alone in the expanses of mountain Crimea, from 1000 to 1500 meters high and makes it clear to a person who is going to the mountains for the first time whether he needs it or not.

In the distant geological past of the peninsula, as a result of earthquakes, a small section of the Main Ridge of the Crimean Mountains, namely the Chatyr-Dag massif, separated from the main mass and “drove” into the peninsula by 14 kilometers. Now it is one of 140 wonderful landscape monuments of nature of Crimea!

The route is well thought out, so it is suitable for both beginners (dummies) and experienced (advanced) walkers who have already gone on mountain trips more than once.

Crimea and the Chatyr-Dag massif are two inextricable concepts. This mountain is beautiful at any time of the year!

Attention! This is an easy-going hike. Therefore, for this trip, from equipment, we take with us only backpacks, at least 50-60 liters, personal items and products. If you want, you can take lightweight sleeping bags with you – for your convenience, but there is bedding on the base – included in the price of the trip.

We will spend the night in a warm and comfortable tourist shelter, where for life there is everything you need (shower, kitchen, etc.).

There are no backpacks for hire on this route.

Campaign accents:

We will make radial exits to the upper plateau of Chatyr-Dag Mountain, climb to its peaks Eklizi-Burun and Angar-Burun (Hangar-burun – a winter version of the trek) – wonderful panoramic points of the mountain, we’ll look at the equipped ones (Marble and Emine-Bair-Khosar) and unequipped (Thousand-headed, Cold, Partisan, etc.) karst caves of the lower plateau. The world of the mountain yayla (Dzheilyav – Turk. Meadow, pasture) will introduce us to the fauna and flora of the Crimean mountains, tell us about yourself and show everything that he has glorious and good. )))

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