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The Armenian mountains are always called:

To prepare a mountain expedition, you need a lot of effort, time and money. You will need even more to get to the destination, and you will be lucky to get to it alive. Don’t worry, you don’t have to risk your life this weekend, but you can see how others did it. Take not an ice pick, but a plaid – these are 7 worthy films to watch about climbing.

Vertical (1966)

For many years, climbers have been defeated, trying for the first time to conquer the Caucasian peak of Or-Tau. During the next attempt, reaching almost the top, the signalman receives a message about the approaching cyclone. Wanting to achieve the goal, he hides this news from the group, and climbers find themselves in a dangerous situation. Despite the straightforward plot and archaic filming technique (the film is almost 50 years old), the movie will keep you in suspense until the last minute.

Interesting fact: In fact, there is no Or-Tau peak, and all the significant peaks of the Caucasus were conquered back in the 19th century. Vladimir Vysotsky, who played the role of the radio operator remaining in the camp, after this film becomes a living legend, and bobbins with his songs appear in every Soviet house.

K-2: Ultimate Height (1991)

K-2 or Chogori is the second highest peak on the planet, but it exceeds Everest in the difficulty of climbing, the climbers’ death rate is higher only at Annapurna. It is not surprising that K-2 attracts directors who are passionate about danger and the spirit of adventurism.

Frank Roddem made a movie about two friends who decided to conquer the impregnable peak as part of the expedition of billionaire Philip Kleibor. “K-2: Ultimate Height” is still considered one of the best films about the confrontation of man with mountain peaks and the elements. The film reveals the reasons why people risk their lives, suffer incredibly, but still stubbornly go to the heights.

An interesting fact: the crew managed to shoot a very reliable picture, practically without using special effects.

Rock climber (1993)

After an avalanche in the mountains, five people disappear. Gabe Walker, one of the best guides, sets off in search of them, but he soon realizes that he was lured into the mountains for another matter. Gabe becomes an undesirable witness for the gang of international terrorist Eric Qualen. As we know, Sylvester Stallone does not give up without a fight, and his character declares war.

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