First Trekking Mountain

trek to the Carpathians, Montenegrin

Dyatlov Pass … Scientists demand to re-investigate the criminal case, which began in 1959. Nine students of the Ural Polytechnic University, headed by Igor Dyatlov, went on a campaign. What happened is a mystery. All died. Almost simultaneously.

The official cause of death: “A force that they were not able to overcome.” And since then, ufologists have been talking about an attack by aliens, mystics – about the revenge of evil spirits, conspiracy theorists – about the tests of a superweapon.

To dot the “i”, Channel One and Komsomolskaya Pravda sent an expedition to the Dyatlov Pass, in which both the route and the equipment of that deadly campaign were completely recreated.

The group of Dyatlov also started their campaign nonchalantly. Subpolar Urals. Space. Romance! It turned out the one way route. Nine people – nine mysterious deaths.

Recreate details, understand who or what killed the tourists. They went camping in January 1959. Athletic guys and two girls.

Photo for memory. To the eternal. The film will show the investigators. The head is Igor Dyatlov. But the participants floundering in the snow – a prophetic frame. On that last night, as always, we put up a tent.

At night, something drove people out. In a terrible frost, who ran in what. Without clothes, without felt boots. Even barefoot. The tent will then be torn to pieces. Tourists themselves cut their only refuge from the inside.

“When the rescuers found the tent, all the buttons, except the two lower ones, as we see now, were buttoned up,” says Nikolai Varsegov, special correspondent for the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.

“I traveled in the same area, only 50 kilometers to the south. And we even agreed to meet with a group of Dyatlov,” recalls Vladislav Karelin, USSR master of sports in tourism.

They grabbed in Sverdlovsk only two weeks later. When all the deadlines have passed …

“We flew around in a helicopter, looked from Ivdel, nobody is visible anywhere. But the thought was already flickering, we need to look for those who are not alive,” says Karelin.

Yuri Doroshenko and Yuri Krivonischenko were discovered, higher up the slope – Igor Dyatlov and two other participants. The rest was found only in May, when the snow melted. Examination showed: the tourists froze. But they were injured – fractures of ribs, bones of the skull. Lyudmila Dubinina’s tongue was torn out.

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