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There was so much primitive beauty, a huge sky, plush mountains, flaps alive and green, that I wanted to move forward. Dampness and cold receded into the background, leaving thin needles of regrets “if”. If we were a little more attentive to the equipment, then we would not have to spend time on a jerk-overcoming.

Therefore, before you go to save nature, you should think about saving yourself for nature and humanity.

Conclusions or what will save:

– A backpack of 90 liters made of thick fabric, so as not to hang anything from the outside,

– a large plastic bag of garbage and tight inside the backpack,

– sealed bags for things to avoid getting wet,

– quick-drying sneakers with a reliable sole as a spare shoe,

– basic shoes – trekking shoes, lightweight, treated with impregnation (drying wet tracking shoes is an occupation that requires special skills and unlimited patience),

– a set of feminine sanitary pads * (inserted into shoes like an insole, provides dryness and comfort)

* Editor’s note: controversial, non-environmental, possibly traumatic,

– a poncho coat (you can climb into it with a backpack) or a raincoat, with securely glued seams,

2. The cold. According to the feedback of the participants, the most difficult part of the trip was … to warm up.

Wet sleeping bags and boots escalated the situation. Happy were people with a dry sleeping bag in an overpopulated tent in thin thermal underwear and woolen socks, wrapped in cocoon sleeping bags at sub-zero temperatures.

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