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Mount Raspberry towers

Not far from the city of Beloretsk rises the pearl of urban surroundings – Mount Raspberry. It is the peaks of Malinova that the traveler sees, approaching the city from Magnitogorsk, Uchalov or Ufa.

They call it differently: Raspberry ridge, Raspberry, Raspberry mountains, but the essence is the abundance of raspberries, which is consistent with the Bashkir name of the mountain – “Elektash”, which means Berry Stone.

The mountain consists of three peaks spread out in a semicircle. The first is a rocky bastion with walls that rise above the ground up to 70 meters. The second is Raspberry, a peak 997 meters high, with a steep pre-peak take-off from the eastern side. The third (main) peak reaches a maximum height – 1152, 3 meters above sea level. .

Raspberry together with its eternal companion – the conical mountain Kirel, form a small ridge, which some call Malidak.

From the top of the Main Raspberry, a view of the highest point of the South Urals, Mount Yaman-tau 1640 m., Ridge Inzerskie Zubchatki, Kirel 1162m., Iremel 1582m, Yalangas 1297m

Robins are great at any time of the year. But they are especially good in autumn when you see a rich palette in front of you: crimson aspen, evergreen spruce, golden birch trees.

On a robin in the 50s filmed the film “Eternal Call”. There are stone rivers and a stone bag where partisans hid. Locals participated in the filming of the film and many keep photographs of the film’s actors in family albums.

Raspberry is also interesting in that there is a real opportunity to find amethyst crystals. This is a type of quartz, which was used in antiquity for the manufacture of caskets and jewelry for church items.

You can drive to the foot of these mountains from the south, from the side of the village of Kuzgun-Akhmerovo, or from the north, from Otnurok farm. Near the Otnurk is the Malinovka camp site, from where you can make a hiking or horseback trip to these and other surrounding peaks.

Mount Raspberry is a popular destination for tourism, as there are routes accessible to people without special training and equipment. And also, the rocks are convenient for climbing (under the guidance of experienced climbers).

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