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What needs to be done before

Hiking and mountain routes that we offer for national teams do not have sports categories and do not require special training. These tours are for children of 12-14 years old as well as older tourists.

Before we offer tourists this or that route, we repeatedly pass it ourselves, moreover, at different times of the year and under different weather conditions.

The time that we offer you for travel is not random. The hike is carried out when the situation in the mountains or in the forest allows us to travel the route as safely as possible, and the natural conditions and weather make it possible to get the most travel pleasure.


When conducting weekend hiking trips in our region, to deliver tourists to the beginning of the route, we can use both special buses and regular transport (buses or trains), this is agreed in advance and reflected in the ticket.

When conducting trips in other regions, part of the group, along with a guide, leaves Voronezh by train (tickets are purchased in an organized manner).

One of the tourists can join a group in the region where the trip will be held (the place and time of the meeting are always appointed in advance). From the railway station to the beginning of the active part of the route, the group moves in an organized manner. On planned routes, custom or regular transport is used for this.

Instructor Responsibilities

– preparation of equipment—— purchase and packing of products—— holding a group according to the schedule of the trip—— cooking, providing the kitchen with firewood (in some cases, the food is cooked on gas burners) —– assistance to tourists in setting up tents—— installing tent and other camp equipment- – first aid first aid—— evacuation of patients from the route—— communication with the office.

The instructor has a standard first-aid kit, but if you have some health problems (or are supposed to have one), notify the instructor about this and take along the appropriate medications.

First Aid Camping Kit

– tavegil (suprastin, dexamitazone) – – analgin (pentalgin, citromone) – Immodium (lapiramide) – activated carbon – levomycetin – panthenol – hydrogen peroxide (chlorhexidine) – iodine, zelenka – bactericidal patches, rump – sterile wipes—— collagen sponge—— massage jar (used when pumping poison out of a wound, in case of a snake bite) —— tourniquet-

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