Long Mountain Trekking

pass at an altitude of 1680m
Today, one person asked for a recommendation on a first-aid kit for traveling to the mountains so that the information does not disappear, I decided to put it here. Let the question be studied enough, but still! And so, let’s start with a simple one:

The first and most important thing, perhaps, is the competence in rendering (First Medical Aid) if you know what to do, then do it, if not, do not even meddle, since improperly rendered help can primarily lead to a deterioration of the victim’s condition, but also to his fatal the outcome.

This also applies to the introduction into the body of the affected substance with a syringe, since this action requires special permissions and skills, namely permission to perform actions of this nature that a doctor, paramedic, nurse, etc. have.

This was a short introduction, we continue the conversation regarding the configuration of the first-aid kit.

To the question of its configuration! According to my own experience, I recommend having two sets: the main (full set) and the spare (can be located in one person or in several). You will ask why? I answer: in case of loss of the main installation, it will be possible to use a spare, it is not only convenient, but sometimes necessary! It can look differently, for example:

And so what should include the basic laying of the first-aid kit? Answer (marked with “!” Is required):


Excitation, nervous state:

This is a common kit, so to speak, that needs to be supplemented for a trip to the mountains: !!! Ascarbinic acid (a lot, it is recommended to start applying before traveling to the mountains, and during your stay) you can take for example asvitol (glucose with ascorbic acid in large tablets).

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