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Travel to Montenegro 2011

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Duration: 12 days

Distance: 100 km


Cost: 320 Euro

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If you want something new and exotic, then a trip to Montenegro is what you need. Montenegro is a small country, but it boasts a beautiful nature, interesting history and rich culture. It is famous not only for its clear sea and beaches, it also has excellent conditions for active mountain trips. Where will our trip in Montenegro take place? Of course, on the main mountain range of the country – its name is Durmitor. We will also visit the little-known and inaccessible Prokletie massif.

Durmitor – a huge rock massif 2483 m above sea level, consisting of white dolomite, locals call it “heavenly plow plowing the ground.” In the Durmitor massif there are very beautiful mountain glacial lakes covered with ancient legends, surrounded by cliffs on all sides.

In the canyons at the foot of the mountains, deep and cold rivers flow: Piva, Tara, Komarnitsa and Sushitsa. The highest peak of the ridge is the town of Bobotov Kuk (2522 m). This territory has the status of a national park and is under the protection of UNESCO.

We invite you to join the trekking in the Dinar Alps, to rafting on the Tara River and relax in Kotor on the coast of the wonderful Adriatic Sea!

1 day. Komarnitsa Valley

We get to Montenegro in any suitable way (plane or bus). We meet at the airport of Tivat. By public transport we move to the village of Komarnitsa, where the hiking part of our trek to the Durmitor massif begins. Having talked with hospitable locals, we will go up the canyon to the spring of Green Vyr. Here and put up tents for the night.

Kilometer 10 km – climb 150 m

2 day. Shkrka Lakes

Let’s go through the whole canyon of Komarnitsa. Then we cross the Ivan-Do plateau, where shepherd’s houses are scattered everywhere, and go to the Shkrka pass. From here you can clearly see the huge rock wall led by Mount Babotov Kuk. For the night we will go down to two lakes of Shkrka. In case of bad weather, you can spend the night in a shelter.

Kilometers 13 km – climb 1000 m – descent 400 m.

3 day. Pass Samar

Today the transition is not long, but the trail will be very steep. The test is not easy for those who are afraid of heights. The saddle offers magnificent views of the Dinarsk Upland. We spend the night at the glacial lake Green Vyr. Here a quiet and secluded place, silence can be broken only by wild goats grazing on the slopes.

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