Mountain Camping Equipment List

List of equipment for the mountain
Obligatory: Mountain boots (spare insoles). Socks (b / w – 3 pairs, cotton – at the discretion, no more than 3 pairs). Snow protection leggings. Pants (2 pairs: running from dense cotton / fabric – wool.) .Water-, wind-, and snow-protective suit (jacket with a hood and trousers). Rain cover (for yourself and on a backpack). Down jackets with a hood and pants. Underwear. T-shirts (1 – short sleeve, 1 – long sleeve and / or a cowboy-type shirt) B / w sweater (1 – tight, 1 – thin). Warm gloves or gloves with an elastic band. Hat (1 sun-protection, 1 wool). Not necessary: ​​Swimsuit (swimming trunks). Sneakers (replaceable shoes). Insulated vest (preferably synthetic insulation). B / W scarf. Shorts. Handkerchiefs. Cotton gloves, white, sun-protection

All items must be sealed.

Personal equipment. Backpack with a sealed liner. Sleeping bag (preferably down). Mat. Foam. Set of personal dishes. Water flask. Cambric. Knife. Electric torch (headband). Ski poles with wide rings (1 pair) – optional. Sunglasses on an elastic band (side protection and ventilation). Sun mask. Matches 2 box, hermetically sealed. Personal spec. Helmet with comforter. Tarpaulin safety gloves with elastic band. Arbor + chest harness + locking (10mm) rope – 1.5 m. Carbines – 4 pcs. . Bookmarks – 1 pc. Ice ax or ice bucket. Cats (preferably a rigid platform). Avalanche tape. Public equipment simple. Tents Canes Ladle of Primus 2-4 pcs. Petrol Glass cloth or other screens for primuses. water filters Mosquito repellent General mosquito equipment Special ropes 4 pcs each 50 m Auxiliary and consumable cord Rock-iron: bookmarks, friends, etc. (depending on the route) Ice drills 6 pcs. Carbines Snow shovel Snow anchor Snow boots (depending on the route)

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