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With the help of our online store you can buy sports shoes and other shoes of the famous Salomon brand, which are great for hiking, recreation and hiking. With the products of the French company, you can feel confident and comfortable in any weather and anywhere – both on a snowy hillside and in the center of a big city. To purchase sports and tourist clothes, boots or other shoes from our catalog, use the special order form.

Quality products from Europe

Designers of the brand pay special attention in the production of shoes to preserving the corporate identity, while at the same time working to improve the operational characteristics of products. Every detail matters, and you will not find unnecessary elements in light sneakers or winter boots. Each seam is additionally worked out and checked at a certain stage of manufacture.

The high level of technical equipment and the use of innovation in production provide comfort to Salomon customers in all climatic conditions. One of the principles of the trademark, which relates directly to water resistance, is reliable protection in the right place. Today, the company works in several directions at once, which allows us to offer consumers a quality product:

For some models, a polyurethane skin coating is used, which provides water-repellent properties and increases wear resistance. Special long-term impregnations are applied. The innovative Gore-Tex technology is applied, which is a breathable membrane that does not allow moisture to pass outside to rest and tourism shoes.

Contact the managers of our online store and they will help you buy Salomon athletic boots for hiking and everyday use.

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