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Appointment: Climbing

Hiking in the mountains is an exciting event, however, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. And if you seriously decided to conquer some peak, then clothes for hiking in the mountains should be properly prepared. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the set of summer and winter clothes for the mountains will have some differences.


For hiking in the mountains, it is advisable to choose hiking boots or hiking shoes. Without fail, grab comfortable insoles for shoes. But, of course, one pair of shoes is not enough. Ordinary sneakers will work as a “shift”, this is the best option for a halt to move around the camp. In summer, in the vicinity of the parking lot you can move around in sandals or slippers.


In total, you need to take at least five pairs of socks. Among them should be thermal socks, especially if you are moving in the cold season. Warm wool socks will work for sleeping.

Sportswear & Shorts

As for the trousers, both ordinary sports and tourist ones are suitable here. The basic requirements that they must meet are: lightweight, quick-drying or non-soaking, comfortable. It is strictly forbidden to take jeans or anything like that. The main requirement for shorts is lightness. In addition, they should also be comfortable.


An ordinary cotton t-shirt is the best option. In the summer, it absorbs moisture well, and accordingly, it will not “float”. Clothing for hiking in the mountains in winter, as you know, is slightly different. A thermal T-shirt that absorbs moisture and retains heat is ideal. The number of T-shirts may vary, but you should not take less than three pieces.


In winter, of course, you should take a warm jacket or a special suit for hiking in the mountains. In summer, a windbreaker will fit. Firstly, it weighs little. Secondly, it perfectly protects from wind and other weather troubles. Thirdly, it actually does not take up too much space.

Sweater or bike

Even in the summer season, the mountains are cold, so you should grab a sweater, or better yet, a polar. Polar is sold in many tourist shops and perfectly retains body heat.


Tip: when going on a trip, take with you both a cap and a hat. Instead of a cap, a panama or a wide-brimmed hat will do.

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